I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff at NV Transport Inc. for the excellent service you have been providing. Our bur business is driven by excellent customer service, on-time pick up and deliveries, and clear communication. Your guys have contributed in our success and we appreciate it. Thank you for making this a great partnership for both of our companies. We Look Forward to continuing to grow with you.
C.H. Robinson
H&S Freight Agents Inc. has had the pleasure of working with NV Transport since 2009. We have enjoyed the relationship and confidence that we have built with them during this time period. I was surprised after reviewing our history that we have loaded NV’s capable trucks 118 times in that short amount of time. As you can see, our confidence in the service they provide is earned. As we all know, there are bumps in the road when it comes to the logistics of transportation. Somehow, it is through the bumps that you actually learn what a carrier is made of. We can always rely on accurate, up to the minute updates on progress, even if circumstances aren’t favorable at that moment. H&S Freight Agents Inc. will continue to use NV Transport as an important asset in our business endeavors.
H&S Freight Agents INC.